I was recently hired, by one of my clients, to create a stylish relaxing retreat for his wife that would serve as her own little calming oasis. The color palette, which showcases a collection of yellow-based beiges paired beautifully with saturated jewel tone accents, appeals to both feminine and masculine sensibilities. The scheme works together perfectly to create this fabulous bright and airy getaway. Located in Caracas, Venezuela this contemporary styled apartment showcases the perfect blend of open spaces and cozy corners. The end result is stunningly chic and luxurious living space ideal for stylish relaxation.

 In the salon, filled with rich lavenders, sky blues and hint of pink rose, a graphically bold painting, created by artist Markus Oehlen, was placed alongside the focal wall. The painting, which immediately catches your eye upon entry, was actually not a feature in the initial design process. Unaware of the painting prior to picking this scheme, it was only during the installation of the furnishings that I learned that the client owned such a beautiful piece. Hung horizontally, (to allow the composition to flow with the scheme) the intriguing painting featuring an un-canny palette that worked fabulous with the décor.

With a decorative scheme that’s kept simple and chic, a chandelier made from hand blown tubular Murano glass is showcased over the dining room table. A symmetrical floor plan gives the space a sense of balance, while the repeated use of similar colors creates a cohesive look in the living space as well as the attached sitting and dining area. Looking for ways to add visual interest in a dining room? Try switching out the end chairs with a bolder contrasting variation. The adjustment is sure to give the space a splash of pazzazz.

This part of the dining area, decorated with sheer breezy match stick blinds, was added so that the clients could to take full advantage of the views while dining in an intimate setting.

This beautiful master suite, which also includes a sitting area, shares a feeling of comfort and relaxation. It has been decoratively styled with two dissimilar nightstands, curved mirrors, and a cantaloupe palette to create a classically stylish scheme.

Displayed in this sitting area is a mixture of hard lines and soft edges layered with textures and a hint of color. A pair of framed mirrors, working almost like pieces of art, give this transitional space a modern edge. In smaller spaces, where heavy art may be overbearing and distracting, mirrors can work effectively to add visually interest while giving the illusion of an expanded floor space.

In the guest bedroom a blue raffia wall paper was used on the focal wall, layered with black and white landscape portraits framed in the same wood tone as that seen on the bed fabric. Incorporating photos and art into your décor is a simple and easy way to give your space personality. Custom designed nightstands, simplistic in form and functionally.

To wrap up this high style renovation, folding glass panels were installed in the living room, opening up to a terrace that features breathtaking surrounding views.  Using colors similar to those in nature in the décor allowed an easy transition from interior to exterior without visually detracting from the landscape.