Color Scheme

With the introduction of color, even the most mundane space can be transformed into a place of beauty. But how do you fuse together a color palette that will suit you and your décor?  If you’re hesitant about introducing color to your space and find yourself a little unsure of exactly which direction to proceed in, just turn to nature for inspiration. She puts together the most beautiful schemes and effortlessly weaves together the most intricate colors to create the most breathtaking backdrops. You can’t go wrong by following in her footsteps. A cool emerald blue contrasted by a radiant tangerine has meshed to create the perfect pair in this relaxing living space. The soothing color scheme was interjected with just enough color to create a place of interest without being overwhelming. Understanding this perfect balance is key when choosing colors for your own space.

In this beautiful dining space, chairs outfitted in a deep rose fabric pair well together in an otherwise neutral arrangement.  Neutrals have the ability to compliment almost any scheme. When coupled with brighter colors, they make for the perfect backdrop by creating a grounding element.

Reminiscent of a country-side sunset, this charming little arrangement makes for the perfect cozy and comfortable sitting area. When you have a color scheme that incorporates a wide array of colors, you have to find a way to bring them all together. Adding a painting, or even more simply an arrangement of pillows, can help to merge your color scheme together.

Thinking about redesigning your outdoor area? Earth tones intermingled with a few colorful accents is the way to go. Keeping your outdoor color palette muted will only enhance the colors in the surrounding scenic view. To keep the arrangement from looking underwhelming, incorporate different textures and patterns to create an area of interest.

Cool colors create the ideal ambiance in modern spaces. In this lightly saturated modern living space, two colors were used throughout in variations. The end result is a well put together collection of colors, patterns, and textures.

Some might choose to forgo adding color to their walls. You can instead interject color into yours space through the furnishings and accessories. Layering is important, it can add depth and dimension to any bland and uninspiring space.

Whether it reminds you of a soothing trip to the beach or a quiet storm, these beautiful Athenian blues and French Horn neutrals set the stage for a relaxing retreat like environment. A patterned rug, accompanied with stylish pillows and matching artwork create the classic stylized living space.

This dreamy bedroom arrangement effectively incorporates a blend of bright lilacs, wild orchid purples, and Santa Fe oranges for the perfect women’s retreat. Crisp white furnishings enhance the colors intensity, where as darker furnishings may have taken away their luster.