Home Libraries

Express your love of books by creating a special area where you can read and house your collection. There are three crucial components to keep in mind when designing a functional library space; lighting, shelving and seating.  When properly installed, these elements can bring together the perfect reading room.  For an added decorative touch, try intermingling shelves with decorative items such as photographs and "objets".

There are a variety of shelving units available, the key is choosing the appropriate piece that will suit both the space and the size of your collection. Incorporate them into your decorative scheme to create the perfect backdrop in your living space. In this dining area, a beautiful shelving display compliments the decor while adding an element of architecture and beauty. Built-in shelves allow for a custom floor-to-ceiling bookcase. They can be created and tucked in areas (such as under the staircase) to make use of what might otherwise be considered “dead space.” Free-standing shelves are great alternative, as they make for a less permanent solution.When considering the types of furnishings to include, keep in mind how you ultimately want to use the space.  Your furniture selections should rely heavily on function.  Comfortable sofas and deep lounge chairs might not be ideal in a library space as they may cause you to want to sleep more than read. Your furnishings should be plush enough to allow you to sit comfortably for hours while rigid enough to entice you to stay alert. Here are a few great seating selections for a library.

Lighting, whether natural or artificial, is one of the most important elements in a reading space. Poor lighting can cause headaches and eyestrain. The perfect balance between natural and artificial lighting is ideal in a library space. When installing a reading lamp, the lighting should be placed over your shoulder to prevent it from shining directly in your eyes and to minimize glare. Indirect lighting also makes for a great solution in providing an overall lighting source, incorporating LED lights into your casework is a great way to showcase your collection.