Exterior Accessories

Create a stunning outdoor space fit for stylish entertaining with accent pieces that will turn your outdoor scheme into a sweet escape.  Last month we talked to you about outdoor living design ideas and outdoor fabrics. Today we’re featuring a vast array of outdoor accessories that were designed to expand your outdoor experience while creating a striking visual. As we all know, furniture is indeed vital in creating a functional outdoor living area, though without the accessories, it’s like dressing up without the jewelry.

Cozy up under an outdoor umbrella or a covered canopy and truly take advantage of your exterior space by creating an area that reads like an extension of your home. Great for lounging and entertaining, these stylish accessories are both bold and beautiful, working to develop cozy outdoor environments that could entice anyone to spend more of their beautiful summer afternoons outdoors. Outdoor furnishings have evolved exponentially over the years and the vast array of options can be incorporated to create visually captivating outdoor environments allowing one to be consistent in décor from the inside to the outside whether you are a minimalist, a classicist or an urban contemporary. There are countless weather-resistant materials and colors. Ornament your garden with decorative accessories while adding an intriguing layer of texture for drama. Express yourself and create an environment that speaks to your design style through the use of accents and accessories. Toss in a few bold colored furnishings and watch your outdoor haven come to life. Sculptures, fixtures and Lighting, like this gorgeous cordless lamps from Live Anywhere collection are just a few of the many items that can be used as features to expand your outdoor experience both visually and functionally.