Fresh off the press, Avanzato Design featured in Elle Décor’s magazine


As I love New York, I was deeply honored when asked by Elle Décor to give my professional opinion on a few classic and modern Lucite and Acrylic furnishings for the section called “Truth in Decorating”. Before I knew it, the process had begun I was off on a plane and landing in JFK.

As soon as I got settled into my room, I found myself venturing out onto the sunny streets, absorbing the natural energy that vibrates throughout the city. Every corner offered a new sight to see, a variety of faces and vast cultural diversity.  I set off taking a walk to High Line, a public park built on a historic rail line above the streets in Manhattan that starts by the Meatpacking district and ends at West 34th street. It was indeed a worthwhile visit!

Early the next morning I was off to the studio. Once I arrived I met Quy Nguyen, an Elle Décor style editor, who later introduced me to Laura Kirar, a designer also selected by the magazine for her expertise in furniture and accessory design. Enjoying the company, I sat down to a beautiful breakfast spread that had been laid out for us. Standing close by, makeup artist and hair stylist Maysoon Faraj (below) waited patiently with her tools and brush ready to make me look 10 years younger and handsome.

It took at least three hours for us to give our opinions on each of the selected pieces, all the while, smiling for the camera, twisting, turning, standing and sitting to get the shot just right.  The photographer Bjorn Wallander, accompanied by his dog, was great to work with and extremely patient. Like in any art, perfection (if there is such a thing) is never complete until you have achieved it.


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