Koi Ponds

Koi fish, so bold in color, create spectacular ornaments in outdoor ponds. Having started the process of creating my own garden pond, I happened across these mesmerizing creatures at home in an array of stunningly beautiful habitats, simply ornamented and overflowing with lush greenery. These gorgeous gardens, so calm and serene, can take one far from the stress of everyday life.  Though it’s safe to say that a Koi pond requires slightly more effort to maintain than your average water garden, the benefits of housing such a spectacular feature is worth the added work.

Take a look at these breathtaking backdrops. Designed by Redland Koi and Pond www.redland-koi.com, a company that I have worked with on past projects, these Koi gardens would create a stunning visual in any garden. There is a lot that goes into the design process of masterfully forging together a Koi garden with it’s environment to make it appear as though its been apart of the surrounding landscape for years.  When it comes to creating a healthy habitat, size and placement are very important. Koi fish can grow up to forty pounds and shouldn’t be placed in a feature less than thirty-six inches deep. The pond should also be located out of the way of direct sunlight. This can be done creatively with the incorporation of trees and shrubbery.

The impressively striking visuals brought about by Koi fish can be accredited to their colorful outer layer. By introducing a variety of Koi fish into a pond, it creates a beautiful scheme brought out by a mixture of colors. The Kohaku, Shusui, Utsuri, Ogon, and Tancho are just a few of the kinds of Koi available with the Kohaku (a white Koi with red markings) being the most common variety.

Create little seating areas inside the garden and take full advantage of the surrounding tranquil and serene environment. When it comes to furnishings and accessories, simplicity is key. Use nature as inspiration for color choices and finishes. Wood is a great selection as it seems to blend seamlessly with little effort.