Design Miami 2012

After having attended the Design Miami 2012 exhibition for the first time this past week, I realized that I had been missing out on a crucial part of the Miami design culture. The showing is a global forum for collectors, gallerist, curators and critics that allows one the means of showcasing and discussing exciting and innovative ideas involving furniture, lighting and art. Featured below are a few collections from the exhibition that caught our eye.

Upon entering the pavilion that housed the 2012 Design Miami event, guests were immediately greeted by the “Drift,” a large scaled sculptural design created by Janelle Zara. The display was made using inflated tubes that had been bundled together and suspended from the ceiling. This created in the space a towering topographical effect. The end result completely transformed the entry, making for a striking visual and setting the stage for what was to come.

“Lost In Time” is an amazing display put together by Glithero that featured beautifully layered and draped chains suspended over water. Accented with soft lighting, the reflection created for viewers a calming aura and breathtaking view.

This contemporary collection entitled SEOMI, was put together by various Korean designers who all worked together towards the goal of combining visual art with functional design. Each piece, meticulously hand made, showcases an impeccably high level of craftsmanship as traditional Korean techniques were combined with contemporary designs. Minimalistic in construction, each furnishing could standalone as a unique one of a kind work of art.

Naturoscopie is a limited edition collection of lighting, shelves, tables and mirrors designed entirely from synthetic materials. Each piece, made to read somewhat like a shadow box, becomes instantly intriguing when paired with its organically shaped frame. To create the functioning showpiece, LED lights were encased with mirrors and colored surfaces to produce a unique output of color and movement.