Florence Broadhurst

For this week’s, “Designer’s Pick” we’re introducing the works of Florence Broadhurst, an artist, painter and wallpaper designer extraordinaire! Famous not only for her creative collection of works, but also for her over the top, charismatic and fearless lifestyle. She will be forever remembered in the design world for her hand painted prints and patterns that were used to create a complex and eccentric line of fabrics and wallpaper. Born in rural Queensland, Australia in 1899, by the time of her death, the multitalented artist had lived and worked in Australia, Asia and Europe. Broadhurst started her career as a singer, traveling abroad to perform, but later switched paths in 1933 and moved to London where she took on the task of running a dress salon. After spending several years there, Broadhurst eventually returned home to Australia and grew to developed a deep passion for the art of pattern and print-making. Her passion lead to her opening her own wallpaper business where she crafted hundreds of luxuriously rich patterns, each complex in design and slightly eccentric in style. She worked, continually expanding her assortment, up until her death in 1977. Today her story continues through Wilson Fabrics and Wallcoverings where her collection has been launched in the US, Europe and Asia.