Anastasia Radevich

DESIGN TRENDS: Winter collection

We’d like to share this work of art as an example of an intellectual trend of our current times rather than a fashion trend. Shoes are an everyday item but in Radevich’s world they are a canvas for profound expression.  This shoe collection is an amazing accomplishment that transcends the fashion and design world. By compiling intense amounts of information in a sculpture of an item that already has a purpose, Radevich seeks to ‘define our walk through life’. This diligent and optimistic designer sculpts shoes to state a global problem, a historic account, or a personal message.

As a history lover inspired by ancient historic accounts, Anastasia Radevich native of Belarus devised a collection of feminine shoes remembering lost cities of the past. Her confident designs comment on the decaying of our environment and reflect on the current threats to planet earth, and hopefully instill a proactive view on the future state of the world.

We interviewed Anastasia to get an expanded view of her collection and this is what she said

What did it take to discover the possibility of bringing your true expressions as an artist into your passion for shoes?

I grew up in a family of shoe designers and experimented with shoes since childhood. Shoe craft became a canvas for ideas because it is something I know very well.

What inspired you to do the "Lost Civilization" collection in 2012?

The Lost Civilizations came to me as a wave of already accumulated ideas and world vision. For quite a while and until today I am keen on philosophy, history (narrated from different angles), anthropology and have noticed patterns how civilizations grow and descend, also investigated the “untraditional” story behind Egypt and the real timeline of the history and evolution. It wasn't hard to draw some parallels with modern state of things. And based on the research I came to the conclusion about the coming future J  All those ideas were brought into the collection…

Do you hand-model/carve the impressive heels of your shoes and 3d print?

You are correct, I sculpt the components and my husband helps me with technical development

Which shoe is your favorite? Why?

I love the “Galvanica” pump from the “PAST” of Lost Civilizations as it gave me a wonderful experience of meeting with extraordinary people while developing it. Making it was a very beautiful journey that translated into the shoe

The platforms are solid in character and the upper shoe has more emotional qualities. How challenging is it to recreate an item that is conceived as heel and shoe?

To be honest, I don’t divide the shoe into upper and lower -it is one “organism”. It is all “cooked” intuitively.

I understand that the message of the collection is to analyze the current state of the earth. What overall impact do you dream your works of art will have in our society?

I don’t have high hopes of stopping some environmentally wrong projects to go through. But I am trying to influence on the subconscious of people, hoping this will echo somewhere, somehow…

Do you plan to further in the preservation subject, or do you have a new collection in the works?

There is something amazing boiling at the moment and I cannot say yet as it is rather fragile, but I cannot not hide a witty smile!