For this week’s “Designer’s Pick” we've chosen to introduce a beautiful collection of ceramics designed by Picasso. Picasso loved the art of pottery, so much so that he named his son Claude after the patron saint of potters. Taking up the craft as a means of experimenting with a new artistic medium, the design process was seen as a challenge and way for Picasso to express his artistic passion. He painted an array of pieces, from plates to vases, which were often built up by molding, gouging and framing the clay while it was still pliable.

Stashed away, Picasso kept most of the works of art for his own private collection, which were later passed down to his heirs. For this reason, the ceramic pieces were often overlooked and undervalued. The collection has only started to gain popularity over the past twenty years, and today it consists of thousands of unique works. Take a look at a selected few pieces.