Coffee Tables - Avanzato Design

The coffee table, a staple piece in any living room, became popular during the Victorian era when tea-time was a celebrated afternoon activity. Over the years, the essential use for the coffee table began to evolve. Today the furnishing is incorporated into modern day settings for a variety of reasons. They are a wonderful place to display our objects, harmonize our seating arrangements and bring a layer of design into our living spaces.

Coffee tables should be thought of as functional works of art. They can be used to communicate our style while creating a platform to showcase our passions. Whether you’re feeling modern, traditional or classically chic, accentuate your decor with a coffee table that speaks to you and your design personality.

Depending on your selection, a coffee table can be the grounding center-piece to your living space. Before finalizing your coffee table decision, think about its function and what purpose it will serve. Dress it up and make it a true reflection of your design aesthetic by adding flowers, vases, books and other ornaments. Incorporating an eclectic mix of pieces will allow you to create a unique arrangement for both you and your guests to enjoy.

A truly beautiful coffee table should be able to create a striking visual when standing alone. The staging of your coffee table should never over power its true purpose. Always leave enough surface area for useable space.